Children Bicycle


Adjustable saddles and handlebar. Able to adapt and cater to your child’s natural growth spurt.


Side wheels prevent the bicycle from toppling over. Your child won’t fall down on this bike.


Wheels fully detachable. Fit in or take out whenever you want, depending on your child’s comfort level on the bike.

About Children Bikes

There are two main kind of children bicycles. Training wheels and balance bikes. Whilst they are both designed for young children to pick up cycling, they are built very differently. Training wheels are small bicycles equipped with two small wheels at the side. These give them a total of four wheels. Meanwhile, balance bikes only have two wheels, but no pedals.

Each of these bicycles have its own set of advantages and benefits. However, on this page, we will focus primarily on training wheels.

Training wheels is the most popular type of children bike here in Singapore. In fact, this is most likely what you started out with when you first learn cycling. Parents prefer this, since it gives them additional peace of mind. They can now hover at a safe distance behind the child whilst he/she learns to cycle, knowing that the two extra wheels provide additional stability. In this way, the child will not fall down no matter what, thereby reducing the chances of injuries from happening.


Getting a bike that fits you should be the number one priority. No matter how amazing a bike looks, it's not a good bike unless you feel completely comfortable in it. That's what we are here to do. At SingaporeBicycle, you'll always find a bike that you is cut out specially just for you.


The features that our bikes come equipped with ensure that you'll always have a smooth and stable journey. You'll never have to worry about faulty brake systems or tyres that skid when you shop with us.


Premium bicycles at affordable prices. We ensure that you never have to pay a dollar more than necessary for your bikes.

What Customers Are Saying

"I purchased this bike for my 3 year olds birthday because all she has wanted for the past few months was a bike. I even got her a helmet so she could match this bike. she loves it, and the size is perfect and fits her great. Everything about this bike is pretty awesome. the foot brakes work great, the tires are nice, comfy seat, etc. Highly recommend this bike to your child."

"I ordered this as a gift for my son and he LOVES it. It isn't babyish but it looks cool enough for him to want to ride it every day. The frame is a thick metal and seems to be made really well."

"Granddaughter loved this bicycle. Easy to put together, and the training wheels stay in place as they should, unlike one other bike I have bought previously. Would definitely recommend. to other parents."

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Poseidon Children Bicycle

With our Children Bicycle, riding gets boiled down to its simplest element – fun. And to make sure of it, we designed the bike with tons of cool features that are easy for your little ones to use, like a brake for simple stopping, wide tires that increase stability and confidence, and tough components that will stand up to years of abuse. It’s the perfect bike for your child to start learning to cycle. We just wish that we had one when we were kids.

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3 Features of Children Bikes


Training wheels are two small wheels that are fitted on the side of the bicycle. They hang slightly off the ground, allowing the child to do the balancing act himself. However, if the child loses balance and tips one way, the smaller wheels will make contact with the ground, preventing the child from falling down. This in-built mechanism provides stability, ensuring a smooth learning process for the child whilst preventing accidents and injuries from happening. It’s a safe and efficient manner to teach young kids the basics of cycling.


These training wheels are fully detachable. They can be bought as separate bicycle accessories, although they are most often sold together. This gives parents greater flexibility in teaching their children to cycle. Right at the beginning, the training wheels should be attached directly to the rear wheels of the bicycle. Gradually, as your child feel more confident on the bike, and displays an aptitude for balancing, you could consider removing the training wheels entirely. Attach it back again when you feel like your child could be struggling.


Children bikes have pedals. Balance bikes do not. That is one of the biggest differences. As such, you learn the very fundamentals of cycling when you learn to ride with training wheels. Pedalling is deceivingly simple skill. We often forget how tricky it can be just to get the motion right. Therefore, it is important to get your child accustomed to this leg motion as early as possible. Pedalling with enough repetition eventually builds up muscle memory, allowing them to cycle much more naturally and without second thoughts later on.

Our Bicycles

At SingaporeBicycle, we aim to deliver stunning bicycles that matches your lofty expectations. Not only are our bicycles built with world-class technology, they are also designed with aesthetic brilliance in mind. After all, we want to make you feel great pride and joy every time you go out for a ride. That is our promise, and it is what drives us is all that we do. Seeing happy customers come back to tell us about their wonderful experience with our bikes bring us immense satisfaction. 

Today we are proud to have provided more than 5,000 different bicycles for local customers, while fixing and repairing 1,000 other bicycles.

Want to get the best biking experience? Start shopping with us!

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Children Bicycle



One of the more greatest advantage training wheels have over balance bike is that of affordability. Indeed, it is hard to debate that. Since training wheels are accessories, they can be detached any time you want. As such, progression is naturally done on the same bicycle. No additional expenses are needed.

Meanwhile, a balance bicycle can only be used in the developmental stage. Since it does not contain pedals, a new bicycle would have to be purchased once the kid gets more adept with cycling. When the costs are all summed up, there is no doubt balance bicycles are the more expensive option.



It’s difficult to imagine leisure cycling as a dangerous sport, given how accustomed we are to it. These days, it has become second nature to us. We don’t consciously think about how to pedal or manoeuvre the bike. Yet, there was a point when all this was new to us. That was when we made the most mistakes, and fell down the most.

Training bikes mitigate the dangers of learning cycling. This is because the bicycle will not tip even if the child loses his balance. The supporting side wheels maintain stability for the rider, preventing the child from falling onto the ground and sustaining injuries. 



 Its often believed that training wheels teach you confidence, whilst balance bicycles teach you mechanics. Of course, you need both to successfully ride a bicycle. However, at the starting stages, its usually one of these that is harder to teach in your kid.

 If you had observed from previous experiences that your kid takes a while to learn new things, then you could go with the balance bicycles. After all, it trains up the mechanics of balance. If instead, you think that your child might lack the self-confidence to try new things, then training wheels could be the more apt option.

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As one of the four most trusted brand in Singapore, we sell only bicycles we would use ourselves. All our products undergo 10+ rounds of quality checks and pilot testings. We are dedicated to providing bicycles you can trust and rely upon.


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