We like to think every individual has a bicycle destined for oneself. The perfect size, the perfect look, and the perfect feel. Matchmaking just happens to be our job

Our Guarantees


Getting a bike that fits you should be the number one priority. No matter how amazing a bike looks, it’s not a good bike unless you feel completely comfortable in it. That’s what we are here to do. At SingaporeBicycle, you’ll always find a bike that you is cut out specially just for you.


The features that our bikes come equipped with ensure that you’ll always have a smooth and stable journey. You’ll never have to worry about faulty brake systems or tyres that skid when you shop with us.


Premium bicycles at affordable prices. We ensure that you never have to pay a dollar more than necessary for your bikes.

Why We Are Unique


High quality bicycles that are meant to stand the test of time. Designed and built with state-of-the-art technology, every part of our bicycles is flawlessly crafted. You are guaranteed to like what you see. After all, our bicycles are built to impress.


As one of the four most trusted brand in Singapore, we sell only bicycles we would use ourselves. All our products undergo 10+ rounds of quality checks and pilot testings. We are dedicated to providing bicycles you can trust and rely upon.


With more than 10 years in operation, we have grown to become the most trusted bicycle brand in Singapore. Don’t take it from us. Hear from some of the 5,000+ Singaporeans who have purchased from us!

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What Customers Are Saying

I bought a hybrid bike back in June, after recommendations from my family doctor to exercise more regularly. I have never cycled since childhood except for the odd ride here and there but found it really easy to pick it up. Especially with this bike, cycling suddenly became really easy and enjoyable for me. I was delighted and started cycling regularly, and even cycled from East Coast Park to West Coast Park on one public holiday.

"Bike arrived safe and securely packaged! The bike is well built, very sturdy, everything functions quite smoothly. The bike is a bit heavier than I had anticipated. A very good looking bike, sleek with a great colour scheme, and I am not just saying that because it is the colours of my football team (Go Arsenal!). It is quite fun to ride, smooth and efficient, it moves out almost effortlessly. Great for me because I ride for fun and pleasure, not for fitness. I look forward to the many fun years this bike will bring!"

"I bought this to ride with my 4 year old grandson. We ride a lot. I'm 60 and my 32-year-old son and I ride this pretty much daily. We've had zero issues with it other than adjusting the gearing limits as expected. Brakes are more than sufficient. Seems like a true hybrid that does what it was advertised to do. It's a really nice looking bike as well."

Our Bicycles

At SingaporeBicycle, we aim to deliver stunning bicycles that matches your lofty expectations. Not only are our bicycles built with world-class technology, they are also designed with aesthetic brilliance in mind. After all, we want to make you feel great pride and joy every time you go out for a ride. That is our promise, and it is what drives us is all that we do. Seeing happy customers come back to tell us about their wonderful experience with our bikes bring us immense satisfaction. 

Today we are proud to have provided more than 5,000 different bicycles for local customers, while fixing and repairing 1,000 other bicycles.

Want to get the best biking experience? Start shopping with us!

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We Have 10+ Years of Experience in The Industry

More than just products, we understand that we are in the business of offering quality service. That means listening to your needs. 10 years of interacting with Singaporean customers have provided us with innumerable insights and perspective, and allowed us to find ways to continually improve the quality of our products so that they can serve you better. It is this spirit that has allowed us to grow to become one Singapore’s most popular choice for bicycles.

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